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Interstellar Symphony

Grab your keytar and get ready to battle the forces of discord in this fast-paced, fantasy sci-fi rhythm RPG! Play as a team of four music warriors as you slash, heal, blast, and defend your way through a battle against those working to disrupt the harmony of the universe. The warrior is a combat veteran who has been fighting the forces of evil with her keytar blade for years. Match the beat and have her slash enemies into oblivion. The robot mage is gifted in the magical arts of rhythm and has studied the harmony of the universe for decades. Use his AOE magic attack to disintegrate the opposition. Following the healing teachings of the Church of Harmony is the priestess. She keeps the team on their feet by channeling the music of the gods into healing spells. And finally, the bard is an alien entity that uses his voice to defend his teammates from taking damage. Switch between each of these characters and match the patterns of the enemies to have each character use their ability. Only you can defend the harmony of the universe and send the agents of discord back to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. And get funky while doing so!


Art + Design



Game Design [BFA]



Derek Subjeck

I am currently a student pursuing a Bachelors in Game Art at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan. In that program, I have learned both 2D and 3D design perspectives and have worked to create multiple video games in conjunction with other artists and programmers. I recently had an internship with United Shore Professional Baseball League in Utica, Michigan where I worked on promotional material for the ballpark. My most recent project I am working on is my senior project which is the rhythm RPG game "Interstellar Symphony: An Adventure through Space and Music." I hope to graduate in May of 2020 and pursue a career in the industry as a passionate and driven artist.

I like Pokemon, Destiny, and Dark Souls. You'll also find me listening to some sick synth music.


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