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Froggy Mech

Assembled from a series of five separate projects, this 3D model depicts a mechanical frog of the future. This robotic amphibian can be piloted within its pod-shaped body, into which a person enters from the machine’s head. The Froggy Mech’s main utility resides in its legs, which compress and release to give the robot a powerful jump. Its limbs, each unique, are a balance of bulk and delicacy, allowing certain sides to be utilized depending on the given task. Concepts and designs were sketched at the beginning of each project stage, and referenced when modeling in 3ds Max. This project was modeled in both low poly and high poly, and includes an additional capsule for human scale.


Art + Design



Game Design [BFA]



Theo Kurokawa

My name is Theo Kurokawa, and I am a sophomore Game Design student. My passion is in drawing character designs, often in a cartoon-style. Learning modeling has allowed me to bring my 2D designs into the 3D realm, adding a new depth into my creations!


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