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Don’t Look Back

An otherworldly mist sweeps over the Nation of Maritula, and leaves it devoid of even the corpses of those who once lived there. Feeling threatened by the unknown assailant and its chilling handiwork, the Acantor Kingdom sends a scout to investigate the remains.
Their lives are yours to command and protect: Take charge of a group of traumatized survivors, each with their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Proper use of their individuality is key to make it out.
A story told by its survivors: Everything you see and do in the game will be communicated through words, and the log will be ever present to remind you of past failures.
Be prepared to make the right choices, or you will have to make the tough ones: Failing obstacles will not always end the game, but it will always come with a cost. Making wrong choices when solving puzzles could force you to sacrifice something else to live, be it food, or a life.
Can you save those who are left? Can you even save yourself?


Art + Design



Game Design [BFA]



Team Mighty Ducks

A team of Emilio Arias, Steven Czekala, Josh Rhodes, Evan Roll, Benjamin Schock


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