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Late Night at the Pier

Late Night at the Pier is a mellow beat-em-up, where the player punches enemies to the beat of the music.

Play as Kenny, a laidback drifter (and skilled martial artist!), who loves to hangout around the pier at sundown. After a rowdy group of thugs come around ruining the tranquil ambience of the evening, Kenny decides it's his role to maintain the peace for the night. Use rhythmic strikes, fight these rambunctious ruffians, timing your hits to the beat of the music.

You have three attack moves (J, K, and L). The function similarly, but try to use them in different 3-set combos! Certain combinations will provide an extra boost to your attacks.

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Art + Design



Game Design [BFA]




Team Noize

Theo Kurokawa, Emilia Arias, Harry Carr, Maggie Hartman, Jack Kling, Jacob Wolfe

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