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A Prisoner in Your Skull

A Prisoner in Your Skull is a short anthology of games created by Attempting Entertainment, a three person game development team. The anthology is comprised of:

Led a Long Way Down, a single player thriller set in an indiscriminate portion of the Pacific Northwest where you take on the role of courier, Levi Hopkins, who is something of a hermit. After a particularly taxing day at work, he decides to retreat to his solitary cabin in the woods to unwind. As the story unfolds, discover the more sinister underpinnings as to why he went to the cabin in the first place

Ceremony, a single player thriller set in the Pacific Northwest where you take on the role of bartender, Andrew Conway, owner of The Ozette Coast who's at something of a low point in his life and decided to help promote a local community theatre group for the evening.

Attempting Entertainment was also responsible for developing and modeling the interactive exhibition space. View the full project at;


Art + Design



Game Design [BFA]




Team Attempting Entertainment

Spencer Baughman
is a Narrative Designer, Composer, 2D Artist and Founder of Attempting Entertainment. He has been mentored under Elaine Gomez, Senior Game Designer at E-Line Media on the nature of narrative design which led to giving a peer reviewed talk on the topic at the Great Lakes Game Expo. Aware of the industry's notorious labor problem, Spencer also founded the Detroit Chapter of Game Workers Unite, an organization dedicated to help unionize the largely unregulated field which itself led to being interviewed by Bloomberg about the experience. He currently is a QA tester for the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and graduates Lawrence Technological University the fall semester of 2021 with the goal of pursuing his masters degree soon thereafter.

Jacob Wolford
is a 3D environmental and prop designer, he also enjoys making abstract art pieces in Blender. Recently, he has been getting into cars and looking to modify his Mini Cooper. For his work, his dream is to create character models for story driven games.

Aaron Duke
is the sole programmer of Attempting Entertainment. He’s a passionate and ambitious game developer who managed to release two games for monetary value in one semester. He is the one primarily responsible for the virtual exhibition. Aaron is the type of person that gives 110% and is always striving to create virtual experiences that others can enjoy. In his free time, you can find him either taking an unnatural number of photographs of random objects for his photogrammetry hobby or you’ll find him in Unity making games. He seeks to work with like-minded hardworking individuals who care about their work and won’t give up when things get tough.

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