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The Puddle Side

​The Puddle Side table is inspired by the Earth to Sky series created by designers Doshi Levien. The side table takes on an organic form and the table top is meant to replicate the shape in which a puddle of water might create on the ground. A cut wheel was used to cut the table top and the stabilizer piece out of a piece of steel. A grinding wheel and sand buffers were used to smooth out the edges and then welded on to the legs.


Interior Architecture

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Furniture and Millwork


Linkedin- Daisha Abdulnoor
Instagram- Designtodai

Daisha Abdulnoor
Daisha is a current student achieving her Masters in the Interior Design 3+ program. Her love for interiors stemmed from her background in hospitality where she began to understand the influence the design of a space can have on emotion and energy.

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