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This project is a framework plan proposal of a community center in a Detroit neighborhood, in collaboration with clients from CeaseFire Detroit. The design is human centered based on Public Interest Design Models, focusing on economic, environmental, and social issues. The proposed master plan provides on and off-site improvements and possible partnerships with nearby assets, generating short and long term impact.





Urban Design [MUD]



Urban Studio Digital Exhibit

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Rena Makki

I am in the Master of Architecture program, and will be graduating in July 2020. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Architecture in spring 2019 from LTU. I currently work at Joseph Mosey Architecture, a small boutique style firm in Downtown Northville, MI.  

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Mai Abdelkhaliq

I am a graduate student at LTU and will be obtaining a Masters degree in Architecture by July 2020. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from LTU in Spring 2019. I currently work as intern architect at a firm in Dearborn, MI. My next goal is to become a licensed architect.

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Riham Al Sarout

I am Riham al Sarout, I am a senior student at Lawrence technological university, and July 2020

I will be earning my master degree in architecture. I also have another Bachelor’s degree in Interior design earned in 2012. I currently work at J.S for architecture in Dearborn; I have had a hand in designing buildings and interiors for individual residence as well as commercial workspace.

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