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New Life

The brief for this project was to design a tool kit. I was inspired by people I saw on the internet making new paper from their waste paper with a process called paper pulping. This inspired me to use waste paper as a
sustainable material in my product.

I designed this kit to help people understand how they can be sustainable at home.


Industrial Design [BS]



Nick Barrett

My name is Meghan Chapman and I am an Industrial Designer who also enjoys artistic activities in my free time. I have picked up many hobbies over the years from piano to drawing to photography and I have never been bored and never stopped learning. I find inspiration from nature in all of my creative endeavors and am interested in sustainability.

As an Industrial Designer, I am interested in how the digital world of design intersects with the physical. From CAD and animations to woodworking and 3D printing, I have experimented with many different modes of thinking in a 3D space. I particularly enjoy the research and user testing side of design, and believe it is the most crucial part of my process. I am a graduating senior and hope to learn more about the realm of user experience design (UX) in the future.

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