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Ann Arbor Library

The design is for a new downtown branch for the Ann Arbor District library. Given the nature of the public program, the overall form of the building attempts to incorporate an abundance of natural daylighting within the interior. Through the use of a central atrium, daylighting permeates the building and allows for views between programs. Each level overhangs to provide visual and spatial interaction between floors. The interior is activated through circulation, a monumental staircase and adjacent elevator create inclusive experience and movement. The design considers sustainability through the use of prefabricated timber structure with metal plate details that allow for the structure and natural materials to be exposed. The art gallery is located on the 2nd floor, as a double height space. Direct sunlight diffuses into the gallery through a translucent exterior envelope, allowing for daylight within the gallery and into adjacent spaces within the library. This use of multiple daylighting strategies also visually connects this public institution with views out to the surrounding community.


Architecture [BS]



Kendall Hands

Elibner Velasquez is an undergraduate senior in the Comprehensive Design studio.

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