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Dodge of the Decade

Are you ready to duck, dip, and dodge? In Dodge of the Decade, play as historical figures from throughout mankind in the highly competitive 1v1 game of dodgeball. These highly known people have been brought together from throughout the ages to see who will be victorious and the last one standing.


Game Design [BFA]



Ian McClure

Heya there! My name is Charles Hughes, you can call me Charlie, and I am graduating LTU with a BFA in Game Art. I specialize in the art creation process from start to finish and my game engine of choice is Unreal Engine. I love creating cartoony and stylized characters for myself and others in any aspect I can. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved to create new things as well as play video games, so I figured I’d put the two together and now I’m here! When I’m not making games or playing them, I am golfing, bowling, or spending time with my loved family and friends. I am willing to go wherever I am wanted or needed and I am eager to step foot into the game industry for the rest of my life.

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