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Samaritas brings the help to the home of older adults. Their almost 90,000 square foot facility supports two types of lifestyles, independent living and assisted living. When doing a finish update on this home, the clients wanted a comfortable but resort feel to the communal areas. Careful design techniques were implemented to aid with the vision of the aging eye, memory disabilities, as well as, physical disabilities. This includes light levels, LRVs and glare control. The overall goal is to create spaces outside of the residents home that is inviting, warm and comfortable, while creating a chance for place attachment to their individual apartments.


Interior Design [BS]



Ethan Walker

Maxwell Blatt is a dual-degree student studying Architecture + Interior Architecture, graduating fall of 2023. He plans to work in the field before continuing to graduate studies. He dreams of owning a firm that designs both custom homes and small businesses.

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