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Royal Palm Hotel Detroit - Confection | The Parlor

For this project, my classmates and I were challenged with the task of interviewing a real client in order to ascertain the parameters of the renovation of The Royal Palm Hotel, a 1920’s historic structure designed by Louis Kamper. This project, which consisted of client interviews, field measurements, historic and geographical research, programming, schematic design, design development, and a final design package, culminated in the presentation of both a new restaurant and café design concept located on the lobby level of the historic hotel. My project showcases Confection and The Parlor, which are my design concepts for the space. During the design of these spaces, I focused on the emotions of excitement, inclusion, contentment, and acceptance.





Interior Architecture



Interiors Studio 2

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Jalen Davis

Hello! I am a dual-degree student in the Architecture and Interior Architecture Program finishing up my
third year. I love all things design, and often spend too much of my free time exploring abandoned
buildings. When I am not cramming to complete a school project on time, I am probably rushing to get
client-work done for my LLC, Davis Design Co.

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