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St. Clair Nature Center

The proposed St. Clair Nature Center explores the concept of a cellular architectural form, primarily exploring the ideas “to Split”. The overall proposal features 7 buildings that are organized programmatically to remain distinct entities while sharing similar relationship together. The overall form was sequentially positioned to follow not only the solar and wind orientation of the site, but also defining the relationship between nature and occupiable spaces through the use of wall extensions and building gaps. These gap locations were filled with opportunities to integrate nature into the building form as well as controlling light to reach deeper into the spaces.
The structure is comprised of cast in place concrete which aided in the overall lightness and heaviness feel of the overall form. The waffle slab, in particular, explored opportunities to express the lightness and heaviness feel with the overall integration of the building systems and natural/artificial lighting.



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Comprehensive Design


Instagram: @andreast1997

Hi! My name is Andreas Tsenis, I am an international student from Toronto, ON, as well as the current chapter president for NOMAS at CoAD at LTU. Upon graduating I am looking forward to returning home and starting a new NOMA Chapter in Toronto to mentor creative minds like myself.

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