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Great Lakes Interpretive Center

This project serves to connect the residents of the Metro Detroit area with the history, ecology, and wildlife of the Great Lakes region. The building is designed with sustainability in mind and is oriented to take advantage of solar heat gain and waterfront views. The structure’s overall form responds to climate and site considerations as well as visitor experience. The building massing is characterized by two intersecting “bars” which meet at a vertical atrium space. A single story portion runs east-west and provides exhibit and multipurpose spaces with framed views of Lake St. Clair. A two story wing bridges over an existing pedestrian thoroughfare and contains aquariums, labs, and retail spaces. The building is supported with long-span trusses and pilings in order to minimize disruption of coastal wetland habitat.



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Comprehensive Design


I am a graduating senior in architecture. I look forward to continuing my education at the graduate level this summer at LTU. When not in the studio working on architecture projects (or social distancing from home), I can be found out on a hiking trail or at home brushing up on my drawing and sketching skills.

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