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Detroit Zoological Society Nature Center

Nestled in between the Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair Metropark provides a great, accessible location for the Detroit Zoological Society’s Nature Center. The Center focuses on education and advancements in the conservation research for the Great Lakes and endangered species. The building is to feature exhibits for both plants and animals—land and water, educational program spaces, and community involvement for sustainable strategies and nature preservation. To align with the sustainable nature of the programming, the building is meant to prioritize sustainability through design. The building design is integrated into the site using multiple access and viewpoints to provide for a more open flow of program and community use. A site-specific climate analysis was utilized to align the intent of the building to optimal daylighting and sustainable strategies through program layout and orientation, passive cooling, and emphasizing the southern façade.



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Comprehensive Design


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Kayleigh Walker
I am a dual-degree student in Architecture + Interior Architecture, graduating this semester. In my limited free time, I study fitness nutrition and love to travel. I am continuing my education with the LTU Masters of Architecture program this summer while moving to Colorado for work and pursue my dream of building homes in the mountains.

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