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Allergy kit designed to house a redesigned auto injector, allergy pills, and cream

The goal was to create a compact allergy kit that users with allergies would be able to simply carry around with them without feeling it was too big. The auto-injector was studied and redesigned into a compacted size and allow refilling's.


Industrial Design [BS]



Rima Shkoukani

Sarah Adnan is an Arab-born designer and an inspiring Product Designer. She is currently enrolled at Lawrence Technological University for a Bachelors in Industrial Design.
She seeks to design and create a difference. Coming from immigrant parents taught her to think outside the box, but to always find reason in doing so. "I try to always question what the main goal and purpose is before I begin my process. How can I make the most impact while creating the least damage? Sustainability and care are my top priorities when I design for users.

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