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Samaritas Grand Rapids Dementia Care & Assisted Living

Proposed renovation of Samaritas Grand Rapids using Evidence Based Design- research informed design,
especially regarding: visual impairment and the aging eye, cognition and dementia-care, physical dexterity and mobility challenges of aging, and multisensory design integration. Partner: Mazie Lawler


Interior Design [BS]

@arenhomrich &


Claudia Yakeera

(Incoming Junior) in dual degree- interior design / arch. Self-motivated to defy the limits of design and uplift the quality of the human experience through art. I strive to study and plan form through sustainability, aesthetics, human centered design, and meticulous detail. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside, with friends, and drawing. Looking forward to the next few years at LTU and the friendships, knowledge, and experiences that come with it.

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