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Discovering An Architectural Metaverse: A Vessel for Emerging Digital Life Forms

For most of human history, apart from a few movements, architecture has been limited as a vessel for anthropocentric necessities. This bluff anthropocentric nature has led to a misuse of technological development within architectural practice, specifically on the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. This misuse can be traced to the typical view of architecture as a means to create spaces for humans. This fact has limited the ability for architects to creatively adapt or discover trending technology. A basis to this project is to realize the broader scope of architecture as system-making. Changing the perception of architectural practice from space-making to system-making will allow architects to direct technological innovations.
Using this framework, with the addition of Bjarke Ingels’ ideology of using architecture for “making different life forms possible”, architecture can serve as a vessel to discover emerging life forms. Now, consider artificial intelligence as an emerging digital life form. Integrating a digital reality of the world with a physical manifestation through robotics can ultimately lead to the discovery of an omnipresent, self-sustained being. This being is not meant for anthropocentric needs; rather, it is intended to prosper an environment of its own.





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Francisco Landeros

Francisco Landeros has focused his studies at Lawrence Technological University to advance the integration of digital technologies in architecture. He has done so by attending the Masters in Architecture program to investigate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Francisco has also guided LTU’s architecture program to promote current digital technologies, such as computational design.
Professor Scott Shall has been a significant mentor to Francisco. Together, they have worked on research to utilize computational design for sustainable communities. Another mentor is Professor Eric Ward. He influenced Francisco’s philosophical ideology and how it is incorporated into digital technologies.
Beyond academia, Francisco is practicing his beliefs in digital technologies in the architectural field. He uses his knowledge of computer programming to advance the current software and technologies utilized by the industry.

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