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The Soo Health and Sport Hall

The Soo Health and Sport Hall is located on the Ashmun Bay Park site in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan and responds to the need for a curling rink, pool and other programing in this community. The natural elements of the existing site influenced the design of the building as it rises out of the topography and sweeps the program spaces under a walkable sloped green roof that acts as an extension of the surrounding landscape. The building is along the strong edge of the power canal which allows it to be in direct view of the entry pathway created by the three major infrastructures in the area; The International Bridge, The International Railroad Bridge and the dam for the power canal as well as have a direct connection to the proposed footbridge from the 2nd floor of the building. The sports hall also supports universal designs and uses strategies such as a 1:20 ramp along the circulation path in the building to allow people with disabilities to navigate the space. For the structural system, glulam and CLT beams and columns are used as it is a sustainable material that complies with LEED standards for better indoor air quality and it can be locally sourced.





Architecture [BS]




Jadine Sibblis

Jadine Sibblis is a senior architecture student who will be continuing in their Masters degree at Lawrence Technological University. She has a previous Architectural Technology degree from Humber College in Canada and is studying to become a LEED Green Associate. Jadine currently works at Neumann/Smith Architecture as an Architectural Intern and is working towards gaining her architectural license.

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