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Utilizing the openness of the existing Peninsular Paper co. and creating enclosures provides experiential views and conditions for visitors.

Transfusing sunlight draws users in the building and into the open spaces.

Enclosed spaces are emphasized through travel and reshaping to create surprise when entering the space.

Views and lighting guide users from the exterior through the building with the main spaces acting as a indicator of destination.




Architecture  [BS]




Dan Cook, Natalia Cybart, Jack Minnella

Dan Cook is finishing his second year at Lawrence Technological University, pursuing a Masters degree in Architecture and minor in Graphic design. He is interested in the social and sustainable efforts allowed through the process of architecture and design. Outside of class, Dan commissions digital and physical artworks, using his artwork as inspiration in designs.

Natalia is finishing her second year of undergraduate studies, on track towards a Master's of Architecture. She is minoring in Graphic Design as well, and values exploring the cross-interaction that occurs between various design processes. In addition to eagerly unveiling new design territories, Natalia is a Residential Assistant on LTU's campus and participates in organizations such as CoAD Spotlight.

Jack is currently a second-year student at Lawrence Technological University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture. He hopes to localize his graduate studies around urban development and public interest design. Additionally, Jack is intrigued with parametric design and the impact such technology will have on the design process. Outside of architecture, Jack pursues amateur photography with interest in landscape and nature.

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