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Robotic Hot Wire Cutting

This assignment introduces the hot wire tool for foam cutting. The students are asked to operate with random numbers for the creation of a large population of forms obtained by slicing foam cubes with the hot wire cutter. These forms can be considered proto-architecture scale models informed by a digitally programmed sequence of fabrication operations.




Architecture  [BS]




Emily Bigelow, Matthew Mansour, Mackenzie Wilson, Katharine Satullo

Emily Bigelow is a sophomore pursuing a master of architecture at Lawrence Technological University. She is passionate about her work and is interested in both architecture and graphic design. In pursuing her career in architecture, she hopes to foster beneficial and sustainable relationships with the environment, and to produce functional spaces.

Matthew Mansour is a Sophomore studying Architecture at Lawrence Technological University. He moved from Beirut, Lebanon to Michigan in August 2019 to pursue his Architecture Degree. He is interested in designing futuristic, modern, and primitive architecture.

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