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Peninsular Soundscape

This project is designed to provide visitors with an escape from their problems and a location where they can experience nature in a new way.

A cleansing passage will lead visitors into the building and separate them from their typical environment beyond the threshold. Then, natural phenomena will guide their journey through the building as the elements will be filtered through devices built into the structure. Light, wind, sound, and movement will all play a part in this transformative encounter, the source of which will be provided by the existing environment in varying methods/capacities. Visitors will be encouraged to choose their own path within the building and to pause in areas that they find most enlightening as the venue will remain flexible to accommodate their preferred level of interaction with the environment and others.




Architecture  [BS]




Emily Bigelow, Matthew Mansour, Mackenzie Wilson

Emily Bigelow is a sophomore pursuing a master of architecture at Lawrence Technological University. She is passionate about her work and is interested in both architecture and graphic design. In pursuing her career in architecture, she hopes to foster beneficial and sustainable relationships with the environment, and to produce functional spaces.

Matthew Mansour is a Sophomore studying Architecture at Lawrence Technological University. He moved from Beirut, Lebanon to Michigan in August 2019 to pursue his Architecture Degree. He is interested in designing futuristic, modern, and primitive architecture.

Mackenzie Wilson is a sophomore going into her junior year at LTU currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Architecture. On campus she is a Resident’s Assistant in one of LTU’s dormitories. She is very interested in the psychology of how people interact with the spaces they occupy as well as creating sustainable architecture that is environmentally friendly.

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