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ID2 Studio 03 - Adaptive Reuse + On-Grid Performance Venue

STUDIO 03 extends contextual awareness and conceptual prowess through the development of a complex architectural program. This program will simultaneously test site conditions, reveal spatial opportunities, reconcile with constraint, and organize into sophisticated building operations. Successful projects will look to moments where these aspects overlap or leverage one another and become transformational. Projects will be articulate with regard to the orchestration of light, color, texture, volume, and architectural program. All spaces will be accessible as defined by ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), which then implies certain planning factors.




Architecture  [BS]




Kristian Doyle, Justin Madill

Hello, My name is Kristian Doyle, I’m a proud resident of Michigan. I’ve just finished my sophomore year and can’t wait to begin my junior year at LTU. When I’m not in Studio I can be found hanging out with friends.

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