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1923 Division St. Detroit, MI - Peter Arton

The project is a sustainable urban infill housing project in Detroit based on a current RFP in the Eastern Market Area. The site is located at Dequinder cut/ Division and
Alfred Street. It is approx 50,000 sf and the program has 124,000 gross sq.ft of housing, with market rate and 20% subsidized units, commercial/retail space, community exercise and education spaces, subgrade parking and open space. Students have completed site/program, building code, bioclimatic conditions and relevant background analysis and LEED criteria, and other topical studies relative to the project. The work will show the project development demonstrating influences based on program/spatial conditions, site and context conditions and bioclimatic/sustainable issues.




Architecture  [BS]




Peter Arton

My name is Peter Arton, and I am a current senior at Lawrence Technological University. I would like to continue my learning in Architectural Design and to seek a position in an Architectural environment where I can demonstrate my passion for design, expand on my technical and team work skills and create value for my company. I am always willing to learn new skills as I pursue my career in design. I grew up and live in Northville, Michigan.

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