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Teleoperation Takeover

This semester’s project revolved around researching technologies in warehouse spaces. Starting with RFID’s general usage, we quickly jumped to looking at Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers and their whole array of technologies. We studied the balance they strike between safety and innovation, and in turn we noticed that the emerging technologies are favoring a machine centric space that puts the human experience at risk. Our final design project chose to embrace this mechanic space; we developed ways to retrofit existing facilities with teleoperation technologies. This would allow the same human work, but from a distance.


Architecture [BS]



Jeremy Hufnagel, Jacob Smith

Jeremy Hufnagel
Bio: I am a fifth year student at LTU studying architecture and I will be completing my masters in July. I am currently working part time, but I will soon be employed for full time work at Diekema Hamann Architecture and Engineering. I generally do healthcare and educational work, but I have been working on historical projects as well. This class, Advanced Design Studio 2, has been a nice change of pace for studio work. The open-ended research was freeing but also
intimidating, and in the end turned out to be a real challenge.

Jacob Smith
Bio: I am a fifth year student at LTU studying architecture. I will be finishing my Masters degree in Architecture in July of 2022. I currently work at Albert Kahn Associates in Detroit, MI as an architectural intern. I help with a wide range of projects from mixed use to commercial and industrial. Large factories and technology innovations have always interested me, so researching the way in which our future in these machine spaces will be occupied was very interesting to me.

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