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Students Educating Underserved Communities about Self-Help Master Planning


Architecture [BS]



Alexander Blunk, Nathan LeBlanc, Kirsten Jock, Romina Prendushi, Nathan Stiebe

I’m Alexander Blunk, this is my 6th year at LTU and my last semester for the Masters of Architecture program at LTU. I’ve taken other classes in Urban Design and I’ve had experience working in construction. I hope to use this to further my experience in Urban Design.

Nathan LeBlanc is a graduate student at Lawrence Technological University. He completed his undergraduate degree in Architecture at Lawrence Tech in May of 2021. Through his education, he found a passion for community based design. Nathan is currently employed in the field of Architecture as a Design Professional.

I am Kirsten Jock and I am both a Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design Student. This is my third year at LTU and I currently am living in Maryland where I am working full time at a firm in Baltimore.

My name is Romina Prendushi and I am a M. Arch 3+ architectural student at Lawrence Technological University. I am graduating in May, 2022. I am currently working for an award-winning luxury residential architectural firm in Bloomfield hills, Michigan. I completed my bachelor’s degree in multimedia/ graphic design with honors at Wayne State University.

Hello my name is Nathan Stiebe, I received my bachelor’s degree from LTU and have worked in a few different firms, both architectural and engineering. I am very passionate about community-based design and have touched on some aspect of urbanism in multiple projects throughout studio courses.

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