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Monster Generator

This project started off with a few questions to ponder - do you dream about waves? And do you know what meanings embedded your nightmares?

This project began with the cabinet of curiosities. Because of the qualitative nature of this interest, rather than put together a cabinet, I collected objects that had the specific geometries that I could use to tell a story, and the "cabinet" almost immediately took the form of a sculptural representation of human emotions impacted by dreams, which then morphed into what I am calling the Monster Generator.
The background research that went into this work came from the fields of psychology, literature, mythology and seismology. Literary characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde were developed based on the author's nightmares. As you will see soon, The Central Images generated were inspired both by these literary works as well as some of my own nightmares. How do they make you feel?
The components of the monster generator are the good which represents the adrenaline of the dreamer which powers the generator. The goo powers the machine and turns the propellers that process the ingredients.

The ingredients include structures that represent proteins, vitamins and minerals, cages for animals, and nets that have captured bugs. I thought it was fun to show the bugs escaping and to pose that question – what happens when the bugs escape?
As the person dreams their adrenaline (goo) displaces the parts of the machine. The seismograph-like structure measures the level of adrenaline and translates the memories, experiences, hopes, and desires into the dream catcher.
Dream Catchers catch the bad dreams as they are translated through the fins. The machine struggles to keep up with the constant influx of memories and is in a constant state of regeneration as the dream catchers are used and breakdown. As the machine regenerates it evolves and the antiquated seismograph system begins to be replaced with the more modern accelerometer system. This evolution is causing inconsistencies in generator functionality. The system malfunctions and the monsters constructed in the Central Images are more than only alive in dreams
The Central images that are released from the dream catcher. These elements create the emotional center of the dream or, what is called in psychology, the Central Image - is the "best-remembered" and "most powerful" part of the dream. If we are frightened by our memory of the qualities of the Central image we label it a nightmare. The Central images are meant to spark your imagination. The scariest monsters are the ones in our own minds.


Architecture [BS]



Rose Vito

Rose Vito is a second year graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Architecture as well as an MBA. She is interested in art and architecture and enjoys any opportunity to be creative. She has been working as an architectural designer in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area for the past 10 years and is pursuing a career as a licensed architect while balancing family life.

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