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Investigating The Use of Technology To Combat A Global Pandemic

We have studied how South Korea has implemented QR codes as part of a COVID tracing system, for individuals to provide their vaccination status to various businesses. Through our studies, we have established preferred roles technology, government, businesses, and citizens should play to help resolve a pandemic. We analyzed current responses in various locations to consider how space is used as both a technology and threshold. Ultimately, this project intends to further investigate the use of technology and design as a means to combat a global pandemic and how that space can be utilized after a public health crisis.


Architecture [BS]



Eunpyeong Kim, Lillian Zielinski

Eunpyeong Kim
I am an architecture student at LTU, and it is my final semester for my master degree.I am currently working full time as an Architectural Technologist in a Design-build firm. The firm is in Canada, but I telecommute in South Korea. Now I just found a new job in South Korea. My goal is to be a licensed architect in both Korea and the U.S. Advanced Design Studio 2 is an interesting project because it made me think more deeply about how technology can be used in architecture.

Lillian Zielinski
Lillian Zielinski is a Masters of Architecture student, looking to graduate in Summer 2022 following the completion of her undergraduate degrees in Architecture and Interior Architecture at Lawrence Technological University. She is currently working as an architectural designer associate at the University of Michigan.

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